Times New Roman is a font that you all must have used sometimes. This font has been used by designers for a long time. This font was created by Stanley Morrison in collaboration with his fellow designer.

The font used for publishing before this font was not suitable for small size text. Therefore, a font was needed which could be used to easily highlight even small size text. This is where the Time New Roman font was founded.

This font was created using an old Sans Serif font, Plantin. It is the most widely used font in documents. Different versions of this font are available for free.

This font family consists of many weights, characters, and characters. It can also be used in combination with other fonts. Other fonts are easily available for pairing. Alternatively, you can customize your font using this online font generator.

Use of Times New Roman Font

The popularity of this font is not hidden from anyone. Every designer and the ordinary person has used it from time to time. Having a wide font, you have many options to use it. For example, there is no place where this font is not used for example, in a magazine, newspaper, or website.

This font can be used wherever you want. It is designed for the small size of the text required in the publication so that it can be used in a better way within the design. This font is used in titles, assignments, websites, and many more places.

You can use this font to create thumbnails for your youtube videos. This font is designed for newspapers, so you can use this for heading and sub-content.

License Info

When using this font, remember that it is a free version that can only be used for personal purposes. If you want to use it for business, you will need to get a license.

Times New Roman Font Combinations & Free Alternatives

  • Centabel Book
  • Roboto Slab
  • Lora
  • Roboto
  • Bebas Neue
  • Futura
  • Lato
  • Times Ten
  • Photina
  • EE Life

Times New Roman Font View On Image Designs

Times New Roman Font View

Font Info

NameTimes New Roman Font
DesignerStanley Morison, Victor Lardent
FoundryMonotype Imaging
File FormatOTF, TTF

Download Times New Roman Font Free

A free version of this font is available here. You can get this version by clicking the download button.

Download Font

Language Support

Albanian, Armenian, Bislama, Breton, Bulgarian, Catalan; Valencian, Chamorro, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, French, Galician, Hungarian, Interlingua, Irish, Igbo, Ido, Italian, Kanuri, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian, Nynorsk, Polish, Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan, Scottish Gaelic; Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tahitian, Ukrainian, Venda, Vietnamese, Walloon, Welsh, Yoruba

People also ask!

What is the type of Times New Roman Font?

This font is a member of the sans serif family. This font was created by German designer Hannes Von Dohren. He released this font in 2010.

Is Times New Roman Font Free for All Projects?

A free version of this font is available here. You can get this free version for individual use. It is necessary to get a license for business purposes.

What font is similar to Times New Roman Font?

Roboto Slab, Lora, Roboto, Bebas Neue, Centabel Book, Futura, Lato, Times Ten, Photina, EE Life are similar to this font.

How to install Times New Roman Font on Computer?

Download this font from the above-mentioned download portion. When downloading is complete you can install and use this font on your pc

What Is Times New Roman Font Generator?

It is a free online generator. You can use it to create many designs for your project. You can use this tool without any license and there is no need to download it.

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