Roboto slab font is the part of Roboto typefaces that are in the slab Serif family. Christian Robertson designed this typeface on 16th July 2013. In this font, additional styles and glyphs are present due to which it is popular with other typefaces of the Roboto family.

Latoo fonts are also present in the google fonts with this Roboto slab font but this font is unique to others. So that we can pair both fonts that’s why we see the difference and uniqueness. In its punctuations, icons, symbols, uppercase, lowercase, numbers present three hundred and twelve unique glyphs and three hundred styles.

Roboto slab comes with dual nature half mechanical and half geometric which makes it more unique than other fonts. Its curves are wider and friendly. This Font is humanist like other serif fonts and reading is so easy and it also makes it natural. Some other fonts distort their letterforms but this form does not compromise this and it catches their width in rigidness.

In google fonts, the directory is open source, and this font Roboto slab is present in that directory and is open source. This font is accessible by anyone from that directory easily,  as you need it for your projects.

Use of Roboto Slab Font

Roboto slab includes 36 typefaces that are popularly used in different areas. That’s why this font is extensively used in Logo creation, book cover creation, social media purposes, advertisements, product packaging, banners, posters, and also in brochure layouts.

With its 36 typefaces, we use for logo designing, T-shirt printing in different matches, mug designing for different shows. This font is easily used in website building and writing blogs because it is easily available directly from google.

For promoting de=ifferent videos and photographs this is used. This is best for titles and headlines purposes because it contains a sharp and unique look. For days in the offices, it can be easily used for report-making and documentation purposes.

The main Roboto font typeface is the standard font for Android since 2013. Many development platforms use this as a standard font like Unreal Engine 4 for their builder and also in Kodi.

License Info

For personal use, this font is available for all and you can download it from here. This font is open source in the google font repository which is accessible by anyone from anywhere. For commercial use you just have to create an account on Adobe and wallah now you can use it commercially anywhere freely.

Roboto Slab Combinations & Free Alternatives

  • Pride Light
  • Aleo Font
  • Belgrano-Regular
  • Domine-Regular
  • Belgrano
  • Serif6Beta-Regular

Roboto Slab View on Image Designs

Roboto Slab Font

Font Info

NameRoboto Slab Font
DesignerChristian Robertson
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

Download Roboto Slab Font Free

Roboto slab is popular in open-source code in the google directory. You can use this for personal use and download this from here and implement this on your computer or mac easily.

Download Font

Language Support

Roboto Slab contains 36 typefaces which are popular in many designs creations. It is also available in different languages such as Latin, Greek (partial), and Cyrillic scripts.

FAQs About Roboto Slab Font

Is Roboto slab better than Arial?

In some cases for writing some documentation and short stories, Roboto Slab is better and useful and Arial is ignored. That’s why this font is used in short writing descriptions.

How do I get Roboto Slab font?

Roboto Slab is an open-source font and is available here and you can easily download it. Just click the download button and use this font for your laptop, computer more mac.

What fonts are similar to Roboto Slab?

There are many fonts similar to Roboto Slab font which are available and are open sources such as Aleo Regular Font, Belgrano-Regular Font, Domine-Regular Font, and many others.

Is Roboto Slab free for commercial use?

If you will create a free account on Adobe then you can use this for your personal as well as commercial use. All 36 typefaces are free for you now and you can download them from here also.

Are Arial and Roboto Slab the same?

No, these fonts are different and Google uses many fonts for their text display. Both of these are mostly used by google but Roboto is modern so it is used more than Arial Font.

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