Nike Inc. is a multinational American corporation. In terms of popularity, it is presently at the peak of the planet. The founders of this company, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, started this company on January 25, 1964. Nike Inc. is involved in the design, growth, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of apparel, clothes, equipment, accessories, and services worldwide. The font used in the logo is known as the Nike font.

The history of the company’s name and logo is related to an ancient Greek goddess whose name is NIKE. People considered her as the god of victory. The company’s logo, the swoosh (tick sign), is regarded as the goddess’s holy wing, which is a symbol of speed and pace. On this basis, the company chose its name to be Nike.

The Nike font is of the geometric sans-serif typeface, which is a part of the Futura Extra Bold Condensed font family. This beautiful font was designed and created by a very famous font designer, Paul Renner. He published the Futura font through Linotype in 1936. But actually, this font was first presented by Bauer Type Foundry in 1928.

Even though the brand, Nike, used this font in their logo, they have now almost made a shift to a new font which is the Trade Gothic font. Nevertheless, there are still a few people who use the online Futura Extra Bold Condensed font on the Internet. Yet, at most of the places, the Gothic Bold Condensed font is used now. This font got famous after the Nike company used it in their logo just like Joker Font.

Use of Nike Font

Due to its sharpness and value, the Nike font plays a very significant role in the designing industry. Nike font is easily accessible, that’s why it is very helpful in many situations. In various places, such as graphic designing, template creation, and documents, it can be used. With its 22 types, Futura is a family of multipurpose fonts.

This font is really easy to use for official purposes such as making letters, documents, business cards, names, and much more. It suits the customer’s needs because of its numbers, punctuation, and elegant graphical looks. It allows building everything from the creation of websites to the development of games.

Due to its sharp characteristics and huge language ability, this typeface is a perfect option for the creation of logos, brochures, magazines, and for styling and designing purposes. And that is why it is also the main typeface of Adobe Photoshop.

This typeface can be seen being used in ads and on digital platforms as well and this variant is also used for newspaper headlines

The primary reason for this font’s success is that a well-known brand, Nike, which is one of the largest names of footwear and running shoes, used this font in its logo. This brand, through its logo, tells us that you don’t really need to mention your name further, you only need to focus on your goals and should try to complete them by working hard.

License Info

This font is available to download for free for personal use. But if you want to use it for commercial purposes, it is necessary to buy the paid font.

Nike Font Combinations & Free Alternatives

  • Shop
  • Misfits
  • Nike Extra Condensed
  • Shallow Grave BB
  • You Murderer BB
  • Gypsy Curse

Nike Font View On Image Designs

Nike Font View

Font Info

NameNike Font
DesignerPaul Renner
StyleGeometric Sans-serif
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree for personal use.
TypeFree Version

Download Nike Font Free

Given below is the free download option for Nike. This version is only open for personal use. This font is not to be used on commercial sites. If you like the font and wish to use it commercially, order it from the distributor.

Download Font

Language Support

Futura Font supports up to 78 languages, below I have listed a few of them.

Swedish, Belarusian (Latin), Slovak, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, German, French, Kurdish (Latin), Romanian, Dutch, Czech, Kazakh (Latin), Croatian, Finnish, Spanish, English, Hungarian, Serbian (Latin), Latvian, Slovenian, Irish, Estonian, Danish, Lithuanian, Basque, Icelandic, and Luxembourgian in Latin and other scripts

People also ask!

What type of font is Nike?

Nike is of the geometric sans-serif typeface, which is a part of the Futura Extra Bold Condensed font family. The Nike logo made this font famous just like the Supreme Font.

Is this font web-safe to download?

Yes, it is entirely safe to download this font on your computer. You can download it from our website for free.

What fonts are similar to Nike in Google Fonts?

There are some fonts similar to it like Shlop, Misfits, Nike Extra Condensed, Shallow Grave BB, You Murderer BB, etc.

Is this font free for commercial use?

No, for commercial purposes, it is not free. If you like the font and wish to use it commercially, order it from the distributor.

Is Nike a good font?

Nike is a condensed typeface and it looks very good with its bold and italic functions because of its clean and clear texture.

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