A very clean stylish, decorative font in the industry is known as king and queen font. It comes in a collection of sans serif typefaces.

It was designed by a reputed designer Bran and it was released by a foundry of fonts in 2007. This font was designed in font creator 5.5 in 2006 and is a well-known font in the market. This font is generally used in making logos and daily quotes.

It has only one weight known as king and queen regular. It has a total of 670 characters in it which include uppercase lower case and alphabets and punctuation and currency symbols. This typeface is a Multilanguage. It contains words of Latin and Greek and it has OpenType features.

This font family has uniqueness in its style and very impressive nature. this typeface is impressed by calligraphy because it has characters of smaller sizes. This typeface is best for text designs and many designers in the industry are using this typeface to make their designs unique.

Use of King And Queen Font

This typeface has a unique and stylish look as it gives a handwritten text feel. This typeface is often used for short headings and mostly in graphical designs. This font is actually difficult to read. If you want to make a wedding card and you want a traditional and romantic look then these types of fonts are the best choice for you.

This font is very useful for logo designs, writing quotes, greeting cards, menus of restaurants, books covers, title pages, mystery books, and old stories books, etc. This typeface is very unique and rich in graphical perspective.

Another best part is that this font can be used in every operating system like windows mac OS, Linux, and Android. And you can also use an online font generator tool for making quick designs and logos because there is a vast range of effects available in this typeface.

License Info

This typeface is open to use in  personal projects but if you are a professional graphics designer you need to buy a license for use in commercial projects.

King And Queen Font Combinations & Free Alternatives

  • Hendryan Font
  • Loveletter No 9 Font
  • Wonderblend Font
  • Berthusen Font
  • Invitation Script Font
  • Scriptina Pro Font
  • Christmas Beauty Font

King And Queen Font View On Image Designs

King and Queen Font

Font Info

Name King And Queen Font
File FormatOTF , TTF
LicenseFree for personal use

Download King And Queen Font Free

If you want to download this neat and clean font to take advantage of its uniqueness then you are on the right place. click on the download button and start downloading the beautiful font.

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Language Support

Afrikan, Albanian, bekarusian, basnian, Bulgarian, dutch, English, Estonian, finnish, French, german, Spanish, French, Khalkha, Hill Icelandic, Hungarian, Bislama, Sami, Iloko Sami Belarusian Komi-Permyak, Occitan, Sami English, Pangasinan, Scots (Northern), Kyrgyz Ibanag, (Lacinka), Samoan, Guarani, Khanty, Mari, Hawaiian, Russian, (Gaelic), Kildin Greenlandic, Indonesian,Khakas, (Cyrillic), Sami Creole, Greek, Rusyn, Haitian Rotokas, Oromo, Kurdish, (Lule), Romansh Sardinian Hmong, (Inari), Romanian, Hausa, Kurdish Hiligaynon, Ossetian, (Ilokano), Bosnian, (Sardu), Hopi, (Kurmanji), etc

People also ask!

Is king and queen font free for commercial use?

No, it requires a license to use it commercially but you can use it in your personal documents for free.

Is king and queen a good font?

This typeface is best for use in the documents because of its stylish look it adds more value to your design.

Which font is similar to king and queen?

The most similar font to king and queen font is loveletter no 9 you can easily find it and use it in your designs.

Does king and queen support Japanese?

This type face supports Japanese language. You can easily  use this type face in most of the languages in the world.

Is king and queen a Microsoft font?

Yes you can download and use this font in ms office in window operating system.

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