In Modern World, the need for the font is increasing. Full filling this need René Bieder in 2014, from old Futura, Avant-Garde, and Avenir designs Galano Grotesque Font. Which is more likely the same and in modern touch.

The most popular and famous font is influenced by the Avante-Garde but this is a little more rigid and flexible. The numerals, punctuations, symbols, uppercase, lowercase, icons, and many other special characters are more unique than the old version of Futura.

This is also a neutral font that is why this is more famous and comes with ten weights. Galano Grotesque with more open type features fraction, arrows, ligatures, and also with different glyphs. It supports all European countries due to its extended character sets. The character set is also popular in Countries near Europe the whole world.

The lower case letters are the result of correspondence and harmony to the guidance and readability. The height of the descender and ascender, are supportive and clean and are increased to create rhythm in it. Due to all of its finishing, it became more popular in headlines and small copies.

Use of Galano Grotesque Font

Galano Grotesque font lies in the sans-serif font family and it is one of them which are popularly used in many areas. This is used in promotional materials, posters, idents, and also in Comedy Central. This font uses in web content writing and also in blogging.

Two typefaces that are free and also more popular are Galano Grotesque Bold and Galano Grotesque Alt Bold. These are mostly using personal projects concerning people’s needs. This is also popular in using in presentation purposes.

Posters, book covers, banners, logo designs, business cards, gift cards are the best example of this amazing Font in which it is used. So many YouTubers use this font in their web content for their website and also for their thumbnails.

Due to its unique design and geometric and clean character design, it is used in the shop/store names, quotes, invoices, magazines, daily reports, documentations, post description, and also for newspaper writing. This font is easily used with another font pairing.

License Info

The Galano Grotesque font is not free for commercial purposes and logo creativity. You can download this font for the demo version which is free in two typefaces which are  Bold and Galano Grotesque Alt Bold. So feel comfortable downloading it from here.

Galano Grotesque Combinations & Free Alternatives

  • Galano GrotesqueDEMO Bol
  • Red Hat Display Black
  • Overpass Black
  • Raleway ExtraBold
  • SONGERSemiExpanded-Heavy
  • Red Hat Text Bold

Galano Grotesque View on Image Designs

galano grotesque free download

Font Info

NameGalano Grotesque Font
DesignerRene Bieder
LicenseFree For Personal Use

Download Galano Grotesque Font Free

There are two demo versions of the Galano Grotesque Font which are Galano Grotesque Bold and Galano Grotesque Alt Bold. You can download this from here easily and implement this in your project.

Download Font

Language Support

Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Kurdish (Latin), Romanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Kazakh (Latin), Czech, Serbian (Latin), Swedish, Croatian, Finnish, Slovak, Danish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovenian, Irish, Estonian, Basque, Luxembourgian, and Icelandic in Latin and other scripts.

FAQs About Galano Grotesque Font

To which type of family does Galano Grotesque Font belong?

This belongs to the popular typefaces known as Sans-serif fonts. The designer of this great font is German typographer Rene Bieder. Best Font for logo designing and blog making.

Is Galano Grotesque font free?

Yes, you can use it personally in any design making. For commercial purposes, you have two demo versions but we recommend you buy a license for your marketing and company.

Can I Use Galano Grotesque Font on My Website?

Yes of course we provide you the zip file in which you can implement it on desktop and also on website making. You can easily use this for personal use for your blogs.

What is Galano grotesque used for?

As we have discussed earlier this Font is popular in posters, book covers, banners, logo designs, business cards, and gift cards. This is easily implemented in the Website design also.

Is Galano Grotesque Font is available in adobe?

Yes, it is available in the adobe reader so that you can download it from here and implement it on your computer and write your content easily in this font formating.

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