Centaur Font is a very stylish and graceful design. It belongs to the Venetian serif typeface family.

The typeface is designed by Bruce Rogers in the Renaissance-period printing of Nicolas Jenson in 1470. Bruce Rogers used this design in a massive edition of the English bible known as the oxford lectern bible. A British monotype company created this beautiful typeface in 1914 and released its digital form in 1929. A popular graphics designer Fredric Warde paired this typeface with italic.

Centaur is a gorgeous type, graceful and fine-drawn typeface, it is available on Monotype composition. It has never been universally popular in the market. The typographic designers are using it in their classic and smart designs.

Use of Centaur Font

Centaur font is commonly used in the market in book printing. People are widely using it in the body of the documents and in headings and titles of the documents.

It was first used in the biggest edition of the bible ( Oxford lactern bible ). It is widely used in stylish content due to its stylish characters.

A famous writer Pietro Bembo wrote a popular book De Aetna using the centaur typeface. It has significance due to its regular use in the titling of the penguin books designs. Centaur is the trademark of John Varvatos. It was also used in a famous children’s book Crispin: The Cross of Lead.

License Info

This font family is free to use in personal projects and documents but it is not open source for using it in commercial projects and documents.

Centaur Font Combinations & Free Alternatives

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  • Lustria font
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  • EB Garamond
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Centaur Font View On Image Designs

Centaur Font

Font Info

Name Centaur Font
DesignerBruce rogers
File TypeOTF , TTF
LicenseFree for personal use

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if you want to use this amazing font in your design projects and your documents to give them a fantastic look then click on on the download button below and start enjoying this unique typeface.

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Language Support

English, French, German, Italian, Maltese, Polish, Turkish, Chinese pinyin alphabet, English alphabet, French alphabet, Italian alphabet, Latin alphabet, Spanish alphabet

People also ask!

Is centaur is a good font?

This typeface is a very amazing due to its stylish and unique design. It will surely beautify your documents and designs.

Which font is similar to Centaur font?

The best similar to this typeface is Cullen font and it is free to use in your commercial projects also.

When was Centaur font released?

A British Monotype corporation released this amazing typeface in 1929.

Is Centaur free to use?

Yes, you can use it in your personal projects but you have to purchase a license from the author to use it commercially.

Is Centaur font available in MS Word?

Yes, this font is easily available in MS Word. You can use this font in your MS word documents.

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