The famous Army Font is also known as Stencil typeface. In 1937, two designers within a month in different Countries, come up with these two typefaces which are in capital letters and mostly resemble each other. Later on, this was designed by Vic Fieger which is known as the Modern version.

R. Hunter Middleton in June designed this typeface for Ludlow and in July Gerry Powell’s created the same typeface for American Type Founders. These typefaces are more or less the same. So that both are in the same name category.

This font is available in capital letters with its round edges and bold main strokes. Clarendon which is more popular in British is also similar to this font. Linotype GmbH, Adobe, and URW++ which are digital producers also copied this typeface. The ATF version is copied by them which is a little heavier and bold.

Alexei Chekulaev created the Cyrillic version in 1997, which is a little Bold and more rounded in edges and this he named as Stencil Cyrillic Regular. The lower case letters of this typefaces are also available in the Stencil Cyrillic Regular. Most of the time this is also using the Wooden logs writing in parks which are more popular and smooth looking.

Use of Army Font

Most of the Armies and almost all uses this font for their Display theme. The top TV series like The A-Team, Private Benjamin, and M*A*S*H used this for their Logo creation and banner. They also used this for their banner creation and on-road display of their TV series.

The famous children program on BBC Bertha also uses this font for their card labels and woodland animations. Disney is also popular for its TV shows also uses this font for its logo of Recess. Footballer shirt numbers in 2001 and 2002 also use this font in their two seasons.

For the safety of the passengers, dummies use this font in character names to show people,  the safety of the seat belts. For the home suppliers company, this font is used in big companies logo making like The Home Depot and Réno-Dépôt.

In different popular talk Shows like Jerry Springer use this font in the logo creation. The modified and modern version of Army typefaces used in the Japanese OVA series from Gundam franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.

License Info

Army Font popularly known as Stencil is free for both personal and commercial use. You can download its typefaces from here. Download and enjoy the bold touch of Army fonts for your projects and also for your personal use. You can create fantastic Logos with this font.

Army Font Combinations & Free Alternatives

  • Airborne 86 – Military Font
  • Headcorps – Military Serif Font
  • Michelangelo
  • ThunderboltLordcorps – Military Sans Font
  • Manufaktur
  • Freich
  • LUNA
  • Stencil Autobahn
  • Legacy – Vintage Style Font

Army Font View on Image Designs

Army Font Free DownloadFont Info

NameArmy Font
DesignerVic Fieger
LicenseFree version

Download Army Font Free

A zip file of Army font is available here. For personal use, download this font and enjoy the smoothness and humanist lettering of the Army Font. Click the download button

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Language Support

Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Kurdish (Latin), Romanian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Kazakh (Latin), Serbian (Latin), Czech, Swedish, Belarusian (Latin), Croatian, Slovak, Finnish, Danish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovenian, Irish, Estonian, Basque, Luxembourgian, and Icelandic in Latin, Greek, Basic Latin, Latin Extended, Latin-1 Supplement, Spacing Modifier Letters, Coptic, and Greek, Many General Punctuations, and many more.

FAQs About Army Font

Is Army Font Free for Commercial and personal use?

This is free for both commercial and personal use. Download and use this Army font free in your projects and logo creation of your company. All its typefaces are free and you do not have to worry about this.

Is there any similar font to the Army font?

Many fonts are similar to this font, some of them are Crabmeal Font, Oh Now Font, minimum Loss Font, and The Black Festival Font.

Is the Army Font Generator tool-free to use?

Yes, it is free to use and you do not have to download this tool it is a built-in tool for creating logos and many display boards in the same Army font.

What type of font is Army?

This typeface is a part of the stencil modern typeface and the publisher of this font is Vic Fieger. This Army font comes in gorgeous 9 styles which have 159 unique corners and 393 modern characters.

Is Army Font Worth Using?

This typeface is more popular and also worthy of use in many popular TV series logos. It attracts the Psyche of the people so that it easily diverts the mind in your writing.

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