Apple Garamond Font is a very beautiful and glorious typeface. It comes in the category of sans serif typefaces.

This typeface has an amazing and unique look. Due to its style, it is a very popular font. On the release of the Macintosh in 1984, Apple used this typeface called Apple Garamond. It is the variation of the classic Garamond font. Apple never released this typeface but a little variation of it is available in the apple font library. it was part of the trademark of Apple corporation.

This typeface was the variation of the Classic Garamont typeface but it has narrow characters and X-heights. ITC Garamond was 80 percent condensed with its normal width. It was always in the apple logo from 1984 to 1992 because in 1992 Apple switched the font to Gills sans. This typeface comes in 6 weights  Bold, Italic, Regular, Light, Regular Light, Bold italics.

This typeface has a total of 240 characters in it which includes uppercase lowercase alphabets, numbers, and symbols. It has more than 230 glyphs and stylish alternates and currency symbols. You can also use this typeface in every operating system windows, Mac Os, Linux, and Android.

Use of Apple Garamond Font

This typeface is very beautiful and amazing due to its uniqueness and style. It is very popular due to its use in Apple corporation. This typeface is very suitable for the designs of wallpapers and quotes. It also has a unique charm and attractiveness in it. For professional use, it is best in official documents in reports, and articles.

This typeface is very popular in the designing of logos, stationery, wedding cards, invitation cards, branding projects, social media, wallpapers, quotes, posters, banners, brochure layouts, website designs, app development, templates, advertising purposes, magazines, etc.

This font is available in all formats. for example, web format, etc. an online font generator tool of Apple Garamond typeface is also available. If you do not want to download and install this in your operating system you can download its font generator tool online to make quick designs using its amazing text effects.

License Info

This typeface is open to use in all kinds of personal documents. But its commercial use is only allowed in case of purchasing a license.

Apple Garamond Font Combinations & Free Alternatives

  • Frank Ruhl Libre Font
  • Revival565 BT Font
  • Cheltenham LT Font
  • Garamond Font
  • ITC Garamond
  • Editorial New
  • Garamond US Font

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Apple Garamond Font

Font Info

NameApple Garamond Font
File TypeOTF , TTF
LicenseFree for personal use

Download Apple Garamond Font Free

Download his amazing font and start taking advantage of this unique typeface. Just click on the Download button below and start the downloading process.

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Language Support

African, Albanian, Dutch, English, French, Astonian, Finish, German, Zulu, Italian, Purtugese, Spanish

People also ask!

How do I get Apple Garamond Font?

You can download this font from our website. Click on the download button above and get the amazing font into your pc.

Is Apple Garamond font free?

Yes, it is a free font for personal purposes. but it requires a license for commercial use.

What is the Apple system font?

San Francisco font is the system font of Apple nowadays.

What fonts are similar to Garamond font?

There are many similar fonts to Garamond font such as Frank Ruhl Libre Font, Revival565 BT Font, Cheltenham LT Font, Garamond Font, ITC Garamond.

Is Apple Garamond Font available in Ms Word?

Apple Garamond Font is not available in Ms Word but you can download and use it in Microsoft products.

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