Oleg Pospelov with his art director  Jovanny Lemonad in his mid-20s come up with this new typeface known as Oranienbaum Font. Oranienbaum is popular in both headings and also in full-page content writing.

Oranienbaum is a part of a Popular family known as the Serif family which relies on the structure of classic antique fonts. This font is with clean geometry and with accurate angles and lines. This font design is basically to give other people an open-source font so that anyone takes part in it and improves and also give suggestion to it.

Oranienbaum is with a very contrasting design. That is why this font is mostly using in poster making, brands logo making, Projects, and the packaging of products. 385 unique glyphs and 412 popular characters are present in this font. All these fantastic shapes represent this font due to which most of them like.

Humanist behavior is also present in these fonts so that it belongs to the Serif family which is more popular. Due to all these reasons these fonts are so much popular, and also used in the industry of website content and blog content writing.

Use of Oranienbaum Font

Most of the languages are supported by this font so it can be used massively anywhere in the World. This font is popular because it is open source and anyone can use it for free so you can download it from here. This is popular in both Body and head content for websites and blogs.

This font is with the clean and elegant design of its characters so that it is suitable for everything which you have to design. This is popular in banner making, logo designing, business card making, gift cards creation. And also for e-books, t-shirts, social media presentations, official posts, and different branding products.

Oranienbaum font is modern and is having geometric touch which is popular in all operating systems. This is the best font for Windows, Mac, and also in the internet displaying services.  The greatness of this font is that this font is fully free for all types of projects you want to build.

For content writing, Website layouts, and designs you can check its links on google. It is available for everyone and is best for your personal and commercial projects which are more likely to be successful soon.

License Info

Oranienbaum is amazing because it is fully free to use. For both personal and commercial purposes, it is free and you can download it from here and enjoy the greatness of this font. That is the reason this font is going to be more popular in the future also. You just have to click download and extract on your computer and then use it and also share it with others.

Oranienbaum Font Combinations & Free Alternatives

  • Trebuchet Font

Oranienbaum Font View On Image Designs

Oranienbaum free download

Font Info

NameOranienbaum Font
DesignerJovanny Lemonad
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree Version

Download Oranienbaum Font Free

This font is free to use and you can download it from here. For both personal and commercial this is free and you do not need any license to use it for your project so download it and enjoy the beauty of Oranienbaum Font.

Download Font

Language Support

Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Kurdish (Latin), Romanian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Kazakh (Latin), Serbian (Latin), Czech, Swedish, Belarusian (Latin), Croatian, Slovak, Finnish, Danish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovenian, Irish, Estonian, Basque, Luxembourgian, and Icelandic in Latin, Greek, Basic Latin, Latin Extended, Latin-1 Supplement, Spacing Modifier Letters, Coptic, and Greek, Many General Punctuations.

FAQs About Oranienbaum Font

What type of font is Oranienbaum?

This font is with great geometrics and also Ultra-modern typeface. The main reason for the modern touch of this font is that this is open source and anyone can improve its quality through its source code so that it is improving day by day.

Where can we use Oranienbaum Font?

This popular font is present everywhere in websites, blogs, and logos design. So you can also use this font freely in any personal or commercial project.

Is Oranienbaum a free font?

Yes, this font is free and is open source. You can contribute to its design either by improving its quality and also by donating so that other designers can improve the quality of this font easily.

Can I use Oranienbaum Font for my logo design?

This open-source font is best for logo creation and designing. This font is great for any type of your logo whether it for personal use or as it is for commercial use.

Which are the best alternatives for Oranienbaum font?

Many alternatives are similar to the Oranienbaum Font. Some of them are PRATA FONT, SURANNA FONT, and Trebuchet Font. You can also use this font in combination with this font.

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